REESGA is an interdisciplinary real estate service provider, based in central Switzerland. Our Team consists of experts from various sectors and walks of life. We combine these disciplines into a comprehensive service package for everything related to real estate. On the one hand, we specialize on the redesign and renovation of historic and listed real estate, on the other hand, we revitalize group independent Hotels, often in the context of a strategic succession arrangement. In addition, we plan and build exceptional apartment houses as new construction projects. We firmly believe that successful real estate projects should reach the hearts of the people and not only consider the technical-mathematical point of view. We therefore set high value on the fact the completed building is alive, has a soul and is a place where you feel very
happy to stay.


Architecture is fascinating because buildings and their plots speak to peoples hearts, as well as their heads. Much of what makes a building distinctive can be measured or calculated. However, the really important aspects are beyond any kind of mathematics: the interplay between materials, the proportions, colours and light, harmoniously meshing or deliberately contrasting with the surroundings. For old buildings, there is the past too, still tangible,
paired with modern technology. As a result, the plans and sketches for a construction project are not the only items of importance: the communication of emotions is particularly important, too.

It is imperative to create something that moves people, and does not just leave them feeling indifferent. Something that they will remember, not quickly forget. Living homes with a heart and a soul in which their inhabitants — and visitors — feel completely comfortable and at home. We do not create a cool sense of tedium: instead, we give ourselves the freedom to think outside the box. We often do things that are unexpected, and sometimes even unreasonable, if it will benefit the project in question substantially. Only when all parties involved (investors, developers, administration, authorities and also the residents) are satisfied when a project is completed can we speak of a successful project.

Oliver Grünwald, Master of Engineering

Managing Partner

Range of services

1. Historical buildings

We revitalize and restore listed real estate and otherhistoric buildings and convert them into remarkable living and residential/business objects, unparralled in concept and design. We work closely with the historic preservation agencies and competent city planners for a concept that is acceptable for all sides. We handle the historic substance sensitively, while leading the real estate into the 21st Century. Quite often this is a challenging task that we solve together with all involved parties, bringing the project to reality.

3. New building projects

Beyond listed buildings and hotels we plan and realize new apartmenthouses with a size of up to 60 residential units. Our maxim is to create something unique for the respective region and location with every project. In new buildings, technical topics such as energy efficiency, smart home solutions and your own charging station for electric mobility are becoming increasingly important. We are happy to face this challenge.

REESGA realizes projects in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The focus is on projects between 5 and 20 million EUR / CHF and in locations within a metropolitan region, but outside the very large city centers. We strictly ensure that each of our projects has its own individual character and recognition value and stands out from the mass of buildings. On the one hand, this ensures a high level of identification of the residents of the respective building, as well as that the demand for the sale of the residential units is significantly higher than for less attractive construction projects. This also ensures the return of investment for the investor. We take a holistic approach to our projects - our FIHA method - in which we analyze all the important influences of a real estate project and integrate them into the planning and execution.

2. Group independent Hotels

We know and admire extraordinary hotels. Our services are particular to privately controlled hotels that belong to no group or franchise concept. We are experts and reliable partners when it comes to the sale of a company or finding successor arrangements. REESGA analyzes the operating corporation as well as the real estate and then develops for both of these
areas, the appropriate concept for the future. We then find a suitable successor, often seperately for property and operation. This way the property is in the hands of strong financial investors, securing the existence of the hotel, while the operating corporation can be leased and continued by often younger hotel specialists.


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